Monday, October 20, 2008

My Twilight Zone Adventure

I really wish that I had taken my camera because this town is a must see event. I had to travel to Rangely, Colorado last Friday to officiate a couple of college volleyball matches. I really wasn't looking forward to the 41/2 hour drive let alone having to spend the night but hey they pay my gas and my hotel right? How bad can it be? I honestly felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone. We left civilization and entered into this little town and there was nothing can you possible have a college in a town where there isn't a fast food restaraunt, movie theater, bowling alley, nothing. There was this awesome museum...ummm?

The closest town with any of these things is an hour away. So my partner, Lisa, and I arrive and find our hotel...the Budget Host.

WOW...that is the best I can come up with. The room smelled like stinky feet. Lisa and I both started to gag, literally. I am really not sure what could make a room smell like that and i was not sure I really wanted to find out. We chose our beds and put our suitcases down...okay I can only describe the sound the bed made as a rubber band. We sat down on them and they twanged. If you moved even a little bit the beds rocked and banged against the wall. We both got the giggles so bad that I almost wet my pants. I had to run to the bathroom and while in there, took a peek into the in the drain. Now honestly that is so disgusting to me that I can't handle it. We decide to leave and look around because we couldn't take much more of the room. We leave and I lock the door behind me. BIG MISTAKE. I guess I didn't realize that when you lock your door, your key won't work anymore. I think that might be an important heads up for the front desk to tell you. So when we get back to the room, (which didn't take long cause there wasn't anything out there to do) we can't get into our room. We go back to the office and she has to call the manager because she doesn't have a master key. Well come to find out, the manager's key doesn't work in our lock either. He says to me, "are you in room 213? Yeah this always happens" Hello...maybe you should fix your lock. Okay so after 20 minutes of him trying to open my door he announces that it will have to wait until the morning. Ummmm stuff is in there and I kinda need a place to sleep. In the meantime, some guy down below us I guess hears what is going on and comes up to help. He says that this happened to him here before and he pulls out his credit card and slips it into my room door and it opens. now the guy down below knows that he can get into our room with his credit card even with the "unbreakable lock" that the master key can't even budge. Not really comforting. We finally make it through to the morning and find out that the hotel checkout is at 10:00 and our match isn't until 3:00.
We decide to go to eat a the only restaraunt in town that serves breakfast (found it on the hotel brochure). We drive by and it was burned down...not joking. We are both just looking at each other and laughing...honestly what else could happen? We go back to the hotel and ask them where we can get breakfast and she tells us to go to the grocery store. Hmmm not quite the idea we had in mind. She then recommends this Italian place down the road a bit. Not really the breakfast food I had in mind but better than wandering the 3 isle grocery store.

I order the calzone and cut into it and I promise I found the most disgusting grey big old half a sausage just plopped into the middle of it. It looked like..I can't even say but you get the picture. It wasn't cut up, just plopped right into it. It is now that I remember that I have a camera on my phone. I got a couple of pics but that is about it and the quality isn't great. It is what it is I guess.

Some great pictures of Rangley, Colorado...

Looking down Main Street...hmmmm

We finally get done with our matches and head back home.

We drive to the nearest town and it is called Dinosaur, Colorado.

There are these paper mache looking dinosaurs all over this little town just randomly place around Main Street. All and all it was a good trip and definately a memory I will have for quite a while.

Not thinking I will be going back anytime soon


jana said...

k- whoa!!! I'd take even the witches over the mystery town. What a living nightmare! I might have even slept in my car. At least you got a good blog story about it. Pretty entertaining indeed!

Angela said...

You must make up your stories because they are way too good! haha I could totally picture your "umm..."s and your "WOW"s!

Trisha said...

Okay, that questionable sausage it jsut disgusting. I think I would have chosen the grocery store. And your room, just too much for me. I probably would have traveled the other mile to see what I could find there. Way too creepy. But you always have such great stories and you are a better sport than me to tough it out, Aunt Terri.